31 Days to Contentment

Oh how contentment eludes me. It has always eluded me. But thanks to the 31 days {writing challenge} I am going to spend the month of October finding my contentment in God. 

Where do I search for contentment? Typically in worldly things also known as my possible future husband, my friendships, my weight, my appearance, my job, my family, & pretty much anything else you can think of. Because in all seriousness, my heart is so prone to wander. 

Why is my heart so stubborn? I am continually turning to a million & one other things to complete me & give me contentment, but they never fill me. ever. 

When do I struggle the most? The number one culprit of my discontentment. Facebook &/or all social media. Anybody else been in that same boat? It's not until I'm looking into the FB window of everyone else's life that I start to think less of my life and lose all contentment.

What is a girl to do? Well, this girl is gonna write about it. & for 31 days at that. 

Check back here for daily updates. 

Day one. Intro. You're here. 
Day three. This is the Start 
Day four. Just a Glimpse
Day seven. The Other Side
Day eight. She Laughed
Day nine. Don't Look Back
Day ten. A Heart Divided
Day twelve. My Prayer
Day thirteen. Pressing On
Day fourteen. I May Be
Day fifteen.  Halfway to Forever
Day sixteen. The Long Haul
Day seventeen. The Silver Lining
Day eighteen. Just a Glimpse {Round 3}
Day twenty-one. Everyday is a New Day
Day twenty-two. Nothing New Here
Day twenty-three. Mirror Mirror
Day twenty-four. Doing Some Backtracking 
Day twenty-six. Make Me Content 
Day twenty-seven. If You're Single & You Know It  
Day twenty-eight. #GirlProblems 
Day twenty-nine. Do Something
Day thirty. The Battle of the Scale  
Day thirty-one. 31 days later