31 days later

Every day I wake up. Every day I think about the good and bad things. Every day I wonder about my present circumstances and my future. Every day brings with it a choice. 

Will I allow God to provide contentment and not my present circumstances?

I am 31 days closer to God. It definitely lived up to its name. A challenge. On a daily basis, at least one life lesson, experience, God moment happens that would be blog-worthy, but having the discipline/commitment to actually write about it is a different story.

At the beginning of this challenge, I actually made some big life changes {for me they were big} that I believe catapulted these 31 days of blogging. On September 29, I made the decision to defeat my long-running cycle of extreme laziness and start having good, quality quiet time in the Word each morning. I am not a morning person. I love mornings once I'm awake, but it's the waking up part that I hate. Miserable. I have been the hardest person to wake up my entire life. Just ask my parents and my siblings. My dad tried to several tactics {which might I add were all useless} such as throwing water on me, turning on my light, and letting me oversleep making me late for school. Thanks, daddy.

When I went to college, it got worse. Literally would roll out of bed at 7:55 for 8:00 classes. Which might prompt you to ask why on earth I had 8:00 classes. Well because I really did try to be a responsible adult who functioned properly in the morning. Like I said, once I am awake, I am good as gold. Now we move into real world life where I have to be at work on time every morning and waking up has become a legit problem. I finally decided something had to change.

It is still not easy for me. But the thought that wins out very time is Jesus is worth more than sleep. I repeat it over and over again. Jesus is worth more than sleep. 

I have experienced growth in the area of contentment by leaps and bounds just by spending that time with God in the morning. This has seriously been life-changing for me. Mornings started with coffee and Jesus being such peace. 

I can't say I'll feel as content next week as I do today but the good news is that in those times of discontentment I know where to turn. God will give me contentment for each moment. 

At the beginning of the challenge, I searched through all of the like 500 blog links on the inspiration/faith tab alone and just allowed God to lead me blogs that He wanted to use in my life over the past month. These are the blogs that I have been following throughout this 31 days challenge and would highly recommend for you to check them out.
Christin at Christin Mae Writes
Aliza at AlizaLatta
Kerrie Williams at Life on a Mission
Amanda at Amanda Harris
These women have encouraged me beyond words, and God has taught me so much through their words. 
{This series is a part of a writing challenge given by the nester, Myquillyn Smith, to write for 31 Days. You can check the write31days website out here and enjoy hundreds of other bloggers joining together for this challenge. My posts are a part of my personal topic choice of 31 Days of Contentment, and you can find the link for the entire series here.}