Just A Glimpse {Round 4}

What would a day with Jesus look like?

Maybe a little like this.

There is truly no greater feeling than starting out the day with a cup of coffee and God's Word. Not gonna lie though. I put East Asian photos up to be the screen saver for appleTV. So therefore I spent half of my Jesus time smiling at all the memories I made this summer. The people who touched my heart. The moments that I can still see/experience if I just close my eyes. I laughed some. At the random thoughts that went through my mind. At the hilarious moments that I will never be able to forget. It sent joy rippling through my heart and soul this morning to relive some of my summer moments. God certainly showed up and showed out this summer. I believe He still is over there.

Errands. Not bad errands. but errands nonetheless took up most of my day. These were mostly good errands. You know the kind where you are looking forward to it because it's been in your mind for a while and you want to see it come to fruition.

First on the list. Get my feet/running/walking evaluated for a good pair of shoes. Have I mentioned yet that I'm gonna run a half marathon in a few short months? {cue small amount of panic} I have talked about running a lot on this blog, and I 100% feel closer to God when I run. Something about doing something that is totally out of my comfort zone. It forces me to rely on Him. For my next step. For my next breath even.

Second on the list. Oil change. Not my fave thing to do especially with ridiculous men in this world who think it's funny to pick on young, single girls who have no one to do things like this for them. These people are not my friend. I might have fought off an emotional outburst, but nonetheless, the task was accomplished.

Third on the list. Hobby Lobby. Oh not good. Not good at all. Don't get me wrong. It's great. wonderful. amazing. lovely. addicting. And makes me want to spend every dime that I have to my name. Not good. However this errand was to purchase some exciting new tools/supplies to start a new project that I hope to share with the blog world in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Fourth on the list. Run. Of course after getting some new kicks to jump start my half marathon training, I had to go for a run. I'm making progress, and it doesn't hurt that I have such a beautiful display of God's creation to enjoy while I run. Running truly is a therapeutic/spiritual growth experience for me. The running analogies have probably only begun.

There may have been a Starbucks, KMart, and Old Navy stop somewhere in there too.

God is faithful to continue these glimpses into true contentment.

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