Halfway to Forever

I'd like to say this challenge is halfway over and that in fifteen days I will be cured of discontentment. But we all know that to be untrue.

I couldn't feel it today. I started this day like I have the past fifteen with good quality time with the Lord. But today I just felt off. 

I wanted more. I wanted to walk away. I wanted to not have to worry about things. I wanted some rest. I wanted.
I'm about being truthful on here, and today there was no magical contentment moment. I felt so weary. A deep down weary that is stifling, heavy, and unwelcome. 

It's not like anyone can look at me and know I'm discontent in that moment. It's such a heart issue, and really I'm a pro at hiding those. 

But I don't want to hide it. Halfway to 31 days: yes. Halfway to contentment: I'd say no. Halfway to forever: always. This journey of drawing closer to Jesus is forever. 

I may not have felt the overwhelming sense of contentment today but praise God, I have hope for tomorrow. I have hope for a forever spent in relationship with Him. Because he called me to Himself. And I made a decision to follow. 

God is purifying me. Making me more like Himself. In order to refine silver, you put it into the fire until the Creator's reflection is seen. Some days feel like I'm in the fire. But the fire is worth it, if I am showing God's reflection somewhere along the way. 

Today I'm just gonna run into the arms of Jesus. 

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