Have you seen the Garnier Fructis commercial on TV where the guys read out tweets/posts about some trying situation ending with #girlproblems. It's hilarious. Please watch it.

So much truth in that short three minute video. I laugh every time I watch it.

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse with this one, but I'm still stuck on this oil change/mechanic complex thing from the weekend. It really got me to thinking about how hard it can be to be girl and how ill-equipped I sometimes feel as a girl.

Okay. okay. So I don't know anything about cars. or oil. or when I should actually get my air cabin filter changed. or how to change the battery in my car clicker. or anything else car-related for that matter.

I've had multiple negative experiences at dealerships and really anywhere mostly employed by men just because I was a girl there by myself. It never fails that I will end up calling my dad to run it all by him. It's like when men start talking about these things, my brain turns to mush. My brain cannot process a single word they are saying. #girlproblems

I'm a girl. I can't change that. God made me a girl. But it is hard to be a girl.

I've just never fit the mold of your average girl. There have definitely been moments of discontentment in some of my {lack of girl} qualities.

I'm an initiator. I'm a fixer. I'm very independent. forward. opinionated. and many other things that don't exactly qualify me as that Proverbs 31 woman.

I love taking the lead. It is easy for me. It is not easy for me to even think about the idea of submission.

These are not considered to be super qualities for a girl to possess. Oh and there is the visually obvious part of being ridiculously tall. Also not a feminine quality.

I could get caught up in discontentment over things I'm not. But I refuse. God must have some crazy plan for me the way that I am. I personally cannot wait to see what that is. And I sure hope this blog is still around when that happens for me to document it.

I can choose to dwell on the what ifs, the should haves, the wonder whats but instead I choose contentment. I choose Jesus.

Side note: I think I could have just posted one sentence every day for 31 days: I choose Jesus. But that might have gotten a little boring/redundant, so might as well throw in a little vulnerability and transparency while I'm at it.

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