Do Something

Do something you're passionate about. Do something God has called you to. Do something that brings you joy. Do something. And do it now.

The fail-proof {okay not really but super close} way to experience contentment. Do something. Be obedient to what God calls you to do.

I love GAs {in the Southern Baptist world, that stands for Girls in Action}. I grew up in GAs. I was first taught about missions in GAs. I learned what it truly means to be a missionary in GAs. I then went to college and helped teach GAs for four and a half years and worked {what once was} GA camp for two summers as a cabin leader. God has used GAs to shape my life in unfathomable ways.

God has given me an undeniable passion for young girls in the church. Being a GA teacher means being one of the first people to teach these girls what missions really looks like. that missions starts at home. that they are missionaries even at eight years old. that there are people around the world who have never heard of Jesus and others who have never owned a Bible. It makes me giddy just typing that out.

Not only do I love making missions come alive for these girls but I also love just getting to watch God work in their lives. Such a blessing.

When I moved down here to NOLA, I knew God wanted me to find a church where I could continue serving in this capacity. It was mandatory. I didn't know how long it would take me to find the church God wanted for me. It was the first church I visited on a Sunday morning and lo and behold, they have GAs.

As I helped in the GA class tonight, I experienced the most intense and overwhelming sense of contentment. When I am serving in the exact way that God created/shaped me to do, I am beyond words content with life. It is the best feeling. At the end, I got to sit down with three women of God who are each in totally different stages of life. I was utterly and completely content with the exact spot God had me tonight. It was incredible to sit down. the four of us women. all explicitly different stages/roles of life. but all connected with a deep love for God and passion for teaching girls about missions.

God is faithful. Pray for contentment. He won't change your circumstances. He will change your heart.

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