My City


Welcome to my little corner of the world. I never thought my corner of the world would be New Orleans, Louisiana, but it is definitely the most exciting city I have every lived in. Small town Mississippi was great while it lasted, but I could not be any more excited about my life in NOLA.

This is my city. I drive across the MS bridge to the West Bank every morning and every afternoon. I love it. The view of the city just reminds me why I'm here and the calling I felt to move down here. 

I love the city line of tall buildings with the sunset in the background. It does not get any better than this. I never knew how much I would love living in a big city. It is still quite surreal to me that I actually live here. 

This is downtown. St Charles I think. Such beautiful architecture and history everywhere. There are always people everywhere. People watching is totally a legit hobby down here. 

My sister is obsessed with this city. My brother thinks I'm certifiably crazy. My parents enjoy it for a hot minute, but with all things, they prefer their little quaint home in Mississippi. I don't blame them. But it sure it nice to have them visit on occasion.
 Here you have the French Quarter and some cathedral with a name I should probably know along with several other items of history that I will work on learning in the future. Give me a break. I've only lived here for a few months.

New Orleans is filled with an overwhelming amount of need and ministries to share the love of Jesus. I hope to be a small part of that.

I will update soon on some current happenings in NOLA as well as some ministries and needs that God brings to my attention.