My Prayer

Tonight as I start out on the third week of this writing challenge, I'm taking time to pray. Pray for God to lead me. Type through me. Teach me. Speak to me. Open my eyes to more areas of discontentment. 

And pray for those of you around me who are struggling alongside me to find your contentment in God. As I told a friend today, I sincerely hope no one gets the impression that this is easy for me or that I've already found full contentment, because there is nothing further from the truth. This is a never-ending journey that I'm on. I hope you'll continue to join me in the fight for contentment as I power through to the halfway point of this challenge. 

Today I'm praying for this journey/challenge and I'm praying for you. 
I'm fighting for contentment today. Join me. 

{This series is a part of a writing challenge given by the nester, Myquillyn Smith, to write for 31 Days. You can check the write31days website out here and enjoy hundreds of other bloggers joining together for this challenge. My posts are a part of my personal topic choice of 31 Days of Contentment, and you can find the link for the entire series here.}