The Other Side

Comparison has been said to be the thief of joy. This is so true. Comparison steals more than my joy but also my contentment.

But the silliest part of all is that I have an extraordinarily rewarding job. This morning I got 21 hugs before 10 am. Twenty. One. It started with one little voice of a little girl looking up at me with those oh so innocent eyes and asking me if she could give me a hug which led to me being placed in the center of the room because then all 21 students wanted to give me a hug.

Children. They are the reason I went into speech pathology. I find incomparable contentment in my job. Sure if I compare to others, I can always find the down side to it. There are countless people who have far more glamorous jobs and far more time to sleep. All I think about is sleep. Seriously. Is there a job where I can sleep? Just kidding. Kind of.

No but really. The gift of communication. That's what SLPs do. We give the gift of communication.

I am content when I see the progress that my kiddos are making. I find contentment in the opportunity I have to love these little kids and tell them they matter and assure them they can do anything they put their mind to.

Contentment isn't found in earthly things. I truly find my contentment in the fact that I'm doing what God wants me to do. No more comparing what could be. What might be. What should be.

I'm stepping out on the other side. Welcome to the other side of contentment.

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