The Contentment Glow

I didn't know such a thing existed until tonight. But apparently it's a real thing. 

After yesterday's glimpse of contentment, I didn't know how the "post-awesome day" would go, but it has been just as lovely. 

Beginning with church in the park. Worshipping Jesus with a cool, fall breeze surrounded by fellow believers. Some alligator sausage and chicken gumbo with new friends while watching the Saints win. A nap. A glorious Sunday nap. Joining together with Level Ground Church to worship our Risen Savior, be challenged to live out our faith, and taking communion in remembrance of Jesus' sacrifice for our sins. All followed with more new friends, lots of laughter, and some delicious New Orleans food. 
Before church started, a friend walked up to me and said I was glowing. He asked why I was so happy and how life was going. My response: I'm content. 

The usual assumption when a girl is glowing is that she's in love. And boy am I. I am so in love with Jesus. This weekend I have experienced more contentment than I think I even thought possible. 

Tonight as I thought about "the glow" I began to see myself so clearly. I'm content with my story. I'm content with whatever the Lord has planned for me. 

I'm content. Praise the Lord. Today, I'm content. 

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