Just a Glimpse {Round 3}

I don't know what it is about Saturdays/weekends, but I just feel contentment wash over me on the weekends. I tend to take more time to count my {many, many} blessings on the weekends when I step away from the mild stress of weekday work and schedules. I love the freedom of the weekend and the privilege I have to jump in my car and take part in special events in my loved ones' lives. 

This weekend started out with my favorite second family. This precious family took me in during grad school {aka the dark days} and loved me like their own which was an immeasurable blessing in my life. 

We have this tradition that every time I come into town, we make an ice cream run to Kroger. These girls are so special to me and the little sisters I never had. 

This morning I got to attend my {not so little anymore} Laura Hope's first piano recital. She played Jesus Loves Me, and my favorite part was watching her sing along as she played, because this little girl knows that Jesus loves her. 

I got to celebrate this best friend of mine and her upcoming wedding. She's getting married in just two weeks. I could not be any more excited for her. She is going to be a beautiful bride and an amazing Godly wife. 

Then I had the privilege of watching the sun set over Starkville and West Point. God is so good. 

I am so in awe of God and His creativity. That was Him. All Him. He made that sunset. He crafted those clouds. That sun. Those colors. It is all His work. That's the same God who made me and loved me. 

Today has been emotional as my family moved my grandparents out of the home that they have lived in my entire life and almost all of their married life. It's the place where we have had many adventures, countless memories, and treasured holiday/family gatherings. It's hard to let go of those earthly things, but it is time to let go in order to take care of my grandparents. 

The day ended with this little one in my arms. I don't think these little boys even know how much I miss them on a daily basis. But today is what I have. I will treasure and gather up these moments in my heart and my mind until next time. 

God has shown me how to find contentment in the blessings He has bestowed on me. How very gracious of Him. Watching the sun set on my drive home to surprise my family tonight just served as a reinforcement of the contentment I have found. 

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