31 Days // Redeeming the Waiting Place

I wasn't going to do this blogging challenge this year. I just wasn't. Last year was hard and draining. Not only that but I was wracking my brain to come up with a topic and kept coming up empty on the idea front. I took that as my sign from God and just pushed the thought to the back of my mind.

Since I'm in the process of re-brainstorming my blog space aka my little corner of the internet, I recently just started writing and drawing out a breakdown of my blog's purpose, goal, audience, and meaning as well as a few unique tidbits in regards to my own life. It was the craziest thing last week as I laid in bed with words swirling through my mind. It was almost as if God just placed this topic right into my hands like a treasured gift that He wants to share through me.

I immediately jumped back into the challenge of blogging for 31 days again. Am I crazy? Most definitely. Do I trust God to use this for my good and His glory? Absolutely. So this is it. This is me taking on the Write31Days challenge.

Back to my topic. When I started thinking about some of the central areas of concentration of topics, the one that jumped off the page was waiting. I am currently in a season of intensely difficult waiting. Yet the Lord gave me one incredible thought. Redeeming the Waiting Place. Waiting can easily get a real bad reputation in the Christian community, because waiting quickly seems less like waiting and more like God saying no. Or not listening. Or not answering. Or not caring. Satan wants us to waste our waiting  but God wants us to utilize our waiting. In the next 31 {technically 30} days, I want to redeem the waiting place and our view of it. I want to revolutionize our thinking when it comes to waiting and how we can make the absolute most out of our waiting place.

Join me on this journey. This journey isn't just for singles waiting for marriage. It's for everyone who has ever waited and will have to wait in the future. It's for those who are waiting for a child. Either through pregnancy or adoption. It's for those who are waiting for answers. Those who are waiting for healing. Those who are waiting for acceptance. Those who are waiting for restoration. Those who are waiting for confirmation. Those who are waiting for the next season. Those who are waiting for adulthood. Those who are waiting for graduation. Those who are waiting for the next big thing. This journey is for anyone who is waiting.

No one is exempt from waiting. No one.

I have no plan {shocking, I know} set up for the next 31 days. I have no idea what each week or post is gonna look like. I just know I'm stepping out on faith and trusting God to give me the words. So let's see where God leads as I seek to redeem my/our waiting place(s).

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eleven // Singing in the Wait {part two}
twelve // Levels of Waiting
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twenty six // Waiting with Gratitude
twenty seven // Struggles in the Waiting
twenty eight // Be Real in the Waiting
twenty nine // Waiting is Better than Settling
thirty // One Day the Waiting will be Over
thirty one // 31 Days Later {Year Two}