Waiting with Gratitude

November is coming. I love this time of year. Something in the air shifts. And I'm not talking about the temperature. It's people. It's attitudes. Just for a month or two, everyone starts slowing down and appreciating the little things | religious or not.

The difference with my faith in Jesus and those who have no belief system is that I know the true source of the blessings in my life. It is undeniably Jesus.

When we take the time to thank God for every single little thing He has given us, it makes it all the harder to focus on what we don't have.

I've actually never done the thankful posts each day of November, but it is refreshing seeing more positive things on social media for like 20 something days of the year. Enjoy it while it lasts.

I mean even the smallest of things.

Each day there is unlimited potential to find a million and one things to be thankful for. But we have to have our eyes open to see them.

Oh Jesus, thank you.

With my heart full of gratitude, I can find no place for discontentment. There's no room for worry. There's no room for fear. There's no room for anxiety.

I want to fill my heart so full with gratitude that I overflow with Jesus.

Waiting with gratitude is the only way to wait //

Thank you for raindrops on the window.
Thank you for the gift of blooming flowers on the coffee table.
Thank you for pictures of friends and family on the refrigerator.
Thank you for old books with worn covers and deep history.
Thank you for emojis.

And even more so //

Thank you for family.
Thank you for life.
Thank you for air to breathe.
Thank you for friendship.
Thank you for the cross.
Thank you for salvation.

God, just thank you.

I will redeem this waiting place with gratitude.


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