Window into my Waiting Place

What are you waiting on?
What does your waiting place look like?
Is it dark or light?
Is it big or small?
Is it filled with joy or fear?
Is it easy or hard?

Those are hard to answer, you say. Well, let me answer them for you from my perspective real quick.

A husband.
Dingy. Ugly.

That's how I currently see/feel about my waiting place.

But my goal in this 31 day challenge is to push the borders out. Tear down those tiny, little walls. Take a sledge hammer to that ceiling bearing down on me. Open up the windows and let the fresh air and sunshine flow in and around me. Send that fear back where it belongs in the pit of hell. & take a deep sigh of relief that what was once hard and painful has become a place of rest and solace.

I'm here to allow God to redeem my waiting place.

Just to put a name to my current waiting place // it's singleness. Before I get too far into this challenge, let me give a little disclaimer. I honestly and fully believe that it is possible for God's plan for my life to always include singleness. I am completely aware that this could be my forever waiting place. That is something that I have to address as a part of redeeming my waiting place. If I'm gonna be in this forever, I'd hate to look back and think I wasted so much time just sitting around waiting for God to drop a husband {who does not exist) in my lap. And even so, if it is God's plan for me to marry, I want to ensure that I step out of this waiting place knowing that I made the most of it and God was glorified.

Our waiting places don't define us though. I have jumped on this soapbox many times in the past, and this is no exception. I will not allow any earthly label/thing define me. Only Jesus has the right to do that. This is why I feel so strongly about redeeming the waiting place. I'm tired of sitting in the dark commiserating my woes. If I'm gonna be camping out in this waiting place for awhile, I might as well start decorating, working on the layout, adding some pillows ... instead of pacing a sterile, concrete box anticipating my breakout moment. 

The truth is ... waiting definitely seems to get harder with each day that passes. I can't be the only one who feels this way.  But I'm diving in headfirst to this waiting mess and hopefully in the end, something {dare I say, Me?} will come out beautiful.


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