Worship Through Waiting

Back to traffic and waiting. It's Friday {praise the Lord}, so my thought process is struggling. Bear with me. Remember my alternative route to avoid traffic and choosing to avoid certain pitfalls in order to keep peace in my heart while waiting?

Well, one of those things is podcasts. It's miraculous how different I feel when my mind is occupied with the podcasts. So I've taken up listening to different Christian authors and some sermons. Sermons are definitely harder to follow while driving, but it most definitely works to keep me focused on God instead of the crazy traffic and waiting.

Well, today, I took my alternate route, AND I listened to a sermon. win win.

The sermon I listened to on the way home was on Romans 12:1 // Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. {NIV, emphasis mine}

It just really got me to thinking about my life and my waiting place. Two corresponding points really stood out to me.

One. We are to offer ourselves as living sacrifices.

The preacher brought out the aspect of a sacrifice and the origination of sacrifices meant the slaughter of animals. That means there's nothing left. There's not life in that animal once its blood atoned for the peoples' sins. Offering myself means to empty me of all things me, so God can fill me up with all things Him. I am to live my life daily sacrificing my wants and even needs for His sake. For the glory of God.

Two. Offering ourselves as living sacrifices is our true act of worship.

And through this is where we come to worship. Our daily living is to be worship. Running through City Park with the wind blowing against my face is worship. Sitting in my bed meditating on the Word of God is worship. Singing praise songs at the top of my lungs in my car is worship. We worship through our daily sacrifice of ourselves.

Really, this sounds like old hat. Something I should have down by now, but this played out in my life should in and of itself redeem my waiting place. If I am emptying myself. If am laying down my wants and needs down on the altar each day. If I am truly sacrificing for God and the Gospel, the waiting has a purpose. The waiting is about so much more than just me wanting a husband and family. The waiting is about seeing more made out of Jesus.

I live each day to worship God. Not to check another day of singleness off the calendar. I really have to look deep into my heart and soul and examine what my true motives are here.

What am I living for? Marriage/Family or the Gospel?
Who am I living for? Myself or God?

I have a choice to make. Redeeming the waiting place means choosing the Gospel over marriage. Choosing God over myself.


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