One Day the Waiting will be Over

In this world, we will all wait. If you've read even just one post of this series, you've read these words before | Waiting is inevitable |.

The reality is that we, as Christians, are all waiting for the second coming of Jesus.

And because He is coming, the wait will one day be all over.

There will be a day when we will no longer be waiting on any earthly want/need. No more waiting for a significant other, spouse, child, healing, answers, or change. We will wait no longer.

Our minds will no longer desire for things we don't have. We will be wholly fulfilled and satisfied in the person of Jesus. No more sin to distract us from worshiping our Savior.

Y'all, I look forward to that day.

I think about it now, and I know in my heart of hearts that Jesus is all I need. But there's always that sin sucking me back in. Making me think I need more. That I need a husband and family. That I actually need anything this world has to offer.

Nothing compares to Jesus, but until that day. Until that day when Jesus ends the waiting, I will always long for more because I've got this sin problem. This sin problem stinks. And Jesus paid the price. My sins are forgiven. But I'm still human, and I am still in this tug-o-war with sin. Wanting to only want Jesus. Wanting to not let my emotions control me. Wanting to live more like Jesus, but I fall short. I will always fall short.

Until that day. Until Jesus comes back for the Church.

The difference is that I will never stop pulling. I will never stop struggling against that sin. I may have been extended the most scandalous grace by none other than Jesus himself to cover those, but I will fight sin until the day He comes back.

So I will fight that sin in my heart that tells me that I am not complete in Jesus. that God doesn't want me to be happy. that God is withholding something from  me. that causes my attitude to fall into the pits.

Until that day. I will fight to keep my heart and life on track with Jesus.

Because one day the waiting will be over.


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