All About That Grace

I need some grace today. I actually rarely give myself grace.

Not in this waiting process. Not in this life. period.

I hold myself to a really high bar of perfection, and when I fail, I give myself anything but grace.

I give myself a hard time. I give myself shame. I give myself lectures. I give myself extra pressure.

I don't know how to give myself grace. I'm usually pretty good at giving grace to others, but I don't allow any for myself.

This isn't the blog post I had planned for today. I had planned to follow up the story of Sarah with Rachel, but instead God is giving me a little lesson in grace.

God doesn't expect us to be perfect. He doesn't expect us to know how to figure this life out. That's what He is here for. That's what He wants for us. To rely on Him. To let Him take the lead. To just follow.

God knows our hearts, and He knows how much I want a husband and family. He is not blind to my heart's desires, but he also knows what's best for me despite my heart's desires.

I think there comes a point in the waiting that you have to give yourself some grace. Do what you gotta do. Grieve. Scream. Cry. Stomp your feet. Get it out. Pull the covers over your head. Just do it. That may or may not be what I'm doing at this exact moment since my life feels in complete disarray tonight. Waiting is hard, and no one is expecting you to do it perfectly. News flash, perfection isn't real. Only Jesus can do perfect.

I'm gonna redeem my waiting place today and give myself some grace. I hope you'll do the same today.

Because today, I'm all about that grace. {& yes, I'm singing that to the tune of a song I am not gonna name. you're welcome.}


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