Waiting for Rain in this Drought

Waiting is hard. This goes without saying. Waiting is not for the faint of heart. Waiting does not have a reputation of being fun. It actually has a reputation for quite the opposite. 

Remember how I said I know what can set off all kinds of negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts about singleness/waiting? Well, romantic comedies {also known as chick flicks} are high on that list of things I have had to step back from and only watch in moderation. Those things can for sure put you in a dark place if you're not careful. I know because I've been there.

But I'm gonna make a small exception today to use one of my all-time favorite movie quotes that talks about waiting. Hillary Duff hit the nail on the head with this one. 
A Cinderella Story quotes
It's shameful to even admit on here how many times I've seen this movie. Honestly, I probably stink at this waiting so much because of all the romantic comedies and Christian romance fiction that I bombarded my brain with from age 13 to 22. Oops. If only I knew then what I know now. I was so idealistic, and my views on marriage were that God owed me something. That it was my right to be married. I had impossible standards that no real guy could ever meet.

That's neither here nor there. Moving on. I had this exact thought this summer when I was dealing with a particular situation in my life. I was waiting for something to happen. Waiting for a move to be made. I felt every bit of that useless and disappointing part. It felt hopeless. Waiting on Prince Charming {whom, to be clear, I no longer believe in, but for illustration purposes, let's just go with it} legitimately feels like waiting on rain in a drought.

I've never experienced a drought. I'm not a huge fan of rain, so I don't think I would hate a mini-drought. Minus all the bad things that come with that. But I do know for those who have experienced drought, it is not to be taken lightly. Waiting for rain in the midst of such difficult circumstances would seem almost unbearable to me.

Setting aside that real drought now, waiting for God to give an answer for something so incredibly important in my life feels that heavy. Just this weighty anticipation of something I so deeply long for. But the whole purpose of this blog series is me learning that it doesn't have to be useless and disappointing. It is most definitely my choice whether or not this waiting place is useless and disappointing versus useful and joyful.

If your waiting place feels like a drought, there's no relationship, child, answer, no anything that can bring rain to your drought. Only Jesus can do that.

So all I'm saying is ...

Jesus, bring the rain.


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