Waiting Versus Stopping

Waiting has legitimately gotten the worst reputation. {And I'm not saying it doesn't deserve it in part} But I'm asking all of us {me especially} to take a moment and consider if waiting is really as bad as we've made it out to be.

I'm a sucker for relationship, marriage, dating, singleness articles floating around the internet. An absolute sucker. I cannot resist clicking and reading. Sometimes it's beneficial. But sometimes most times I would've been better off not reading it.

I've seen at least 10 called "Stop Waiting for a Husband," "I'm not Waiting for a Boyfriend," "Don't Wait," "Why I Stopped Waiting for a Husband," and etc. The list probably goes on and on.

I just need for us to define what kind of waiting I'm talking about here. A few days ago, I shared why I believe we all hate waiting in the context of a waiting room. A waiting room mentality really implies stopping of all else going on. Although waiting can feel like that at times, that's not the kind of waiting I'm doing.

We are all waiting for something. No matter what we are waiting for {job, financial freedom, children, missions, future, healing, answers}, it is incredibly rare that all other parts of our life have to be put on hold. Despite the waiting, we keep living.

Waiting and stopping life are not mutually exclusive. Because if it was, I don't think God would have put wait in the Bible almost 90 times? Yep, I searched it on a Bible tools website. 90 times. 

I am waiting. I'm living my life one day at a time. Being obedient to what He is calling me to do, but still I'm waiting. Not locking myself away in a castle tower sitting on the windowsill keeping watch for my Prince Charming {because we all know I'm done with the Prince thing}. Not shutting down and pushing people away. 

I'm serving in every possible way that I can, because singleness allows me the flexibility and ability to do just that. Yes, I have a problem with saying no, but life as a single gives me the opportunity to say yes to things I might not be able to otherwise. 

Wait. But in the wait, live. While you're living, serve. While you're serving, love. And still wait for the Lord. 

I don't know about any of you poor souls that are actually reading my crazy mess of a blog, but God is already redeeming this waiting place of mine.  

Praise the Lord. 


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