I'm Back

I'm back from yet another unintentional blogging lapse. I miss this place when I'm not writing. Writing has become therapy for me as well as my way of processing what God is teaching me. Maybe you'll notice the new setup/design/layout. Maybe you haven't. I decided that this new journey I'm setting out on deserved a little revamping. Considering the impact Hillsong's Oceans song has had on me and it was instrumental in God getting me down here to NOLA, I knew I wanted to use it in some way.

{Without Borders}. God has called me to live my life {without borders}. To trust him {without borders}. Have faith {without borders}. To love others {without borders}. Borders imply limitations & set expectations. With God there are no limitations. There is nothing stopping me with God on my side.

When God first called me to move down here to NOLA, I was a hot mess. But I kept hearing Him say, Trust me, Jenna. Just trust me. The lyrics to the Oceans song played over & over in my head.

As scary as it has been to uproot my entire life and relocate in a completely new and unfamiliar place, I feel God's guiding hand and presence all around me. I know he brought me down here, and I know He is going to take care of me. I can trust in that. 
The new journey ahead of me is a surprise to me each & every day. I never know what's going to happen next, but I'm so ready to follow wherever God leads. 

Here's to faith. love. trust, & life {without borders}.