Breaking News

Imagine that news sound clip that might add a snippet of dramatics just to enhance this moment.
I do have news. Very exciting news. & maybe a little scary. Also terrifying. Note the mixed feelings. We'll get to that in a second. 

Several weeks ago {about March 29 to be exact}, I was in the midst of the SheReadsTruth Jonah reading plan which was the preparatory step to what ended up being one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my 25 short years. Welcome to adulthood, Jenna. 

I had just recently gotten out of my mouth {or fingers considering I typed it on my blog} that I didn't have a Ninevah. I mean really? I'm not Jonah. I'm. Not. Jonah. Okay, yes, yes, I am. 

Not like the "going to Tarshish" Jonah. Because goodness knows I don't want to know what a 21st century whale-swallowing looks like. No siree. Not happening. I'm not interested. 

& to top it all off, United had to go & write this song right below. & I had to go & start praying this on a regular basis.

So anyway, back to the story. Jonah had me praying that God would show me my Ninevah {really only because I felt I should not because I had any desire to go anywhere}. Praying began for a Ninevah. Plus I was praying that God would lead me where my trust is without borders. That I would walk out upon the waters wherever He may call me. I prayed that He would take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, so my faith would be made stronger.

Now that you have the background info, let's go back to March 29. I was in Columbus for Homecoming. This one place kept coming up in conversation. Okay, just dandy. As I drove home later that night, I was catching up with my dear friend, Alicia, about life & craziness. It truly all of sudden just felt like this deep knowing in my heart that God was calling me to a new place. 

I panicked in true Jenna fashion. The waterworks & all. I definitely looked & sounded like Jonah in that moment. I complained. A lot. & then I explained to God all the reasons why this would not work & did not make sense. Two days later, I told my parents. Shoutout to the parents for reacting like parents. Not exactly what you want to hear from your youngest child/daughter. 

Within just a few weeks, my mom and I planned a trip down to check everything out. It just felt right. Not one bit of doubt crept into my heart. I kept asking God for confirmation that this was what He wanted me to do. One thing I was sure of was that this was not necessarily my ideal plan. Sure it is super exciting, but have I mentioned yet that this is incredibly terrifying? 

One thing after another. I actively put feet to my faith. I couldn't just sit back and expect anything happen. I prayed that God would close any door that I wasn't to walk through. All along the way, I just felt an overwhelming peace. 

I got a couple job interviews and wondered on the way home how I would ever decide which one to go with if I were to be offered both. By the time I got home {& after talking it over with my mom}, I knew which one was for me. I was offered the job the next day. Pieces of the puzzle keep falling into place.

Let me be perfectly clear. This. was. not. my. plan. We won't even go down that road, but in all seriousness, my plan was far from the path I am about to pursue. 

Where am I going? In August, I am moving to New Orleans. {insert face full of very mixed emotions}

Why am I going? First & foremost because my parents have taught me to be obedient not only to them but more importantly to God. But I am also going because my heart is missions {no matter where in the world God places me}. I have dreaded seminary classes for long enough. Slowly but surely God has softened my heart & created in me a desire to dig deeper into His Word & for me that means taking seminary classes. I wanted to be prepared just as the Bible tell us. "But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness & respect." {1 Pt 3:15 ESV}. 

My heart is breaking for all that I will be leaving, but at the exact same time, my heart is bursting with excitement over the adventure ahead. I am 25, single, and thrilled to be living life according to God's leading. I'm following Him wherever He leads. I say that all the time, & it is now time for me to put action to my words. I know my life/decisions may not make sense to everybody, but as a very wise & older friend once told ... "I'd rather have God's presence than an explainable existence."