Kharkov Zoo Experience

Today I went on another adventure into the culture of this amazing and intriguing country. The zoo is a very special place where you have to ignore the American inside of you screaming "ANIMAL CRUELTY!" I attempted to keep a smile on my face, but my translator and I were deeply concerned for the welfare of these poor animals. One particular goat which I didn't even have the heart to take a picture of because I felt it would just demoralize the poor thing. I am not sure what was wrong with the goat, but its hind legs were suspended in the air for some unknown reason. The goat was literally walking on its front two legs. For one whole minute, I truly thought the goat's legs had something suspending them in the air until I decided to study this animal further. I watched as the goat moved to a log, so it could rest its hind legs on the somewhat tall log. I now regret not taking a picture, but at the time, I just couldn't embarrass the poor thing any more!

Two things I wanted to point out ...

First of all, I had heard stories of the hippo from the missionaries I am staying with. I knew I wanted to find the hippo, so I could take a picture and at least say I saw it. As you will notice from the four pictures I took of the hippo, he was not very photogenic. I pleaded with him (in English, of course) to raise his head, so I could get a good picture. I think he was fond of my voice, so thankfully , he raised his head just high enough so you could tell what he is. I told him I did not pay good money to have him hide from the camera. Getting a picture of the hippo was a success!

Second of all, I felt so very sorry for the pitiful polar bear. I don't even know if he can be called a polar bear any more due to the condition in which he lives ... no ice, no cold, no nothing! I felt so bad for him. He looked so lonely and HOTT!

When I get back to America, I would like to visit an American zoo just to make myself feel better about the fact we imprison poor, helpless animals for our entertainment.

If I knew Russian, I think I would start a zoo ministry .... :)

Until the whole world hears,

P.S. OH and BROOKE, The peacock picture is for you and all of my amazing sisters at the W who know about our fondness of peacocks! I thought this peacock represented us well, Best Friend! He was too shy to show me his feathers ... :)

P.S.S I will be out of town this next week starting tomorrow, so I will not be able to update again for at least a week! Thank you to everybody who is lifting me up in prayer! We hope to get my children's ministry up and going once we get back, so please pray that everything works out in a way that brings the most glory to God!