Out and About

The Botanical Gardens and Super Dino Exhibit

Masha, my translator, took me to the Botanical Gardens. Although there were a few pretty flowers, it took us about 45 minutes to actually find the few flowers that were picture-worthy. We took in the scenery, but unfortunately, this is not the right time for botanical gardens!

A few days later, Wendy, Ryan, and I visited the Super Dino exhibit on the square by the Lenin statue. There was also a small carnival set up in front of the exhibit which made Ryan's day. I took a few pictures of him on some of the attractions, but I would not allow him to be blown up in one of the life-size beach balls for fear of him suffocating. Clearly it was safe considering all of the kids lining up for it, but just watching this child being blown up into the gigantic beach ball made me cringe.

The line to the Super Dino exhibit is forever long every day and every hour. I don't know where these people come from, but this place is always packed. We finally found some free time to wait in the horrendously long line, and to our surprise, we only ended up waiting for about 45 minutes. The exhibit was pretty amazing except for the odd creatures that Wendy and I had never seen before. We acknowledged that we are not dinosaur experts, but we also have never seen an elephant-dinosaur with enormous beaver teeth either. Sorry, I didn't feel the need to take a picture of that one. It actually kind of scared me. You will also notice a MASSIVE bear looking creature in the back the t-rex's picture. That one also creeped me out!

Just wanted to share some of my outings around the city!
Enjoy, and as always, until the whole world hears,