Keep You Safe

Quiet your heart
It’s just a dream
Go back to sleep
I’ll be right here
I’ll stay awake as long as you need me
To slay all the dragons

And keep out the monsters
I’m watching over you

My love is a light
Driving away all of your fear
So don’t be afraid
Remember I made a promise to keep you safe

You’ll have your own battles to fight
When you are older
You’ll find yourself frozen inside
But always remember

If you feel alone
Facing the giants
And you don’t know
What to do

My love is a light
Driving away all of your fear
So don’t be afraid
Remember I made a promise to keep you safe

I remember when I was a little girl that I was so afraid of everything. I was afraid of the dark, thunderstorms, ghosts, monsters, my aunt's dogs, frogs, snakes, chucky, jason, and just about anything else you can think of.

There are still days when I am so very afraid of the things life throws at me, but this song reminds me of the promise God has made to keep me safe. I have this assurance. I know that my Heavenly Father will drive away my fears, slay my dragons, and keep out the monsters. I know He is always with me.

Not only do I have a heavenly Father who promises to watch over me and keep me safe, but I also have two AMAZING parents who have always reminded me that I have nothing to fear with our God at my side. I have been so blessed.

Today ... I went to a type of orphanage except this particular kind only keeps the children for a few weeks in order for them to have rest and recover from a multitude of possible situations. Your imagination probably cannot do it justice.

God had a special plan for my trip to this internat. The original plan had been to play with kids in the age range of about 6-18 (close to that). Unfortunately for Plan A, all of these older kids were taken out on excursions for the day. I thought we would have to call it a day before it had even begun, yet God had bigger plans.

I got to spend two hours loving on some very young and hurting children of God. There were about 15 little boys and girls who have had monsters and dragons at every turn.

I wish I could sing this song to them when they woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare only to realize that they are still alone without parents to care or love them. I wish I could be the one to slay their dragons and keep out their monsters. I wish there weren't evil in the world, but there is.

I spent two short hours loving on these precious children who God created with special care. I didn't get any pictures, but I will never forget the hurting and crying faces that are forever imprinted in my memory. One particular little girl, Nastia, kept her arms tight around my neck the entire time. She continually kissed me and hugged me tighter. As I held this fragile little girl, my heart shattered into a million pieces. I looked into the eyes of each child and willed each of them to understand the love found in Jesus Christ. I can only imagine the pain and suffering they have experienced in their short lives.

Whether they had Downs syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or some other mental disability, they are still precious in God's sight. My heart is burdened for the lost, hurting, abandoned, and abused. If only I could sing this song over each of their hearts.

My dear Heavenly Father, please wrap your arms around these children. Hold them close when there is no one else in the world there for them. Slava Bog that there are no orphans of God.

Until the whole world hears,