Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

 Don't get me wrong. 2012 was not a bad year. It wasn't spectacular by any means, but I am still very grateful for the year I had. 2012 taught me a lot. With 2012, I saw semesters 2, 3, and 4 of slp grad school go by {praise the Lord}. my 23rd bday. wonderful trip to visit my friends in EA. meeting Karen Kingsbury. working at Caledonia Elementary. falling in love with all my CES kiddos. etc. So many good memories. But there were also some sad times. the loss of my uncle. getting braces for a second time {bleh}. grad school classes. realization of how much money I owe in student loans.
Okay, so ultimately, 2012 was really good to me. But I am so super excited about this new year ahead. Why am I so excited about 2013 you may ask? Well, here's why. In 49 short days, I will be on a plane with my entire family headed to the most magical place on earth. yep, harry potter world. oh and disney world. In just 112 days, I will be graduating with a master's degree in speech language pathology {whoa buddy. someone pick me up off the ground}. I will be getting a job which pays me money. I will be camp missionary at Garaywa this summer {lifelong dream being fulfilled here}. I will get to finally be an SLP and make an impact on people's lives like I have wanted ever since God placed this passion in my heart all those years ago. {Hooray} This year has so many exciting things happening. But at the same time ... graduating and leaving the comfort zone of school {which I have been doing for the past 19 years of my life} is frightening. Whew. This year is gonna take some major praying time spent on my knees. Never mind. Let's focus on the positive.
So. I've set some goals for this year. Some pretty big ones at that. 
Despite what the picture above implies, my goals will be no where near as lofty as becoming an avid skier or something {that would be a complete joke}.

My goals in order of importance: 
#1 has been a long time coming and the goal that takes priority in 2013. to develop and increase my passion for the Word of God. It has become such a routine for me to check {reading my Bible} off my to-do list. I was going through the motions. I may have been consistent, but I wasn't reading it to get anything out of it. Shame on me. Just think how much I have missed out on. In order to hold myself accountable for this goal, I started a Scripture Journal. {not a surprise considering how much I love writing and journaling} Every day I am committing to reading at least 1-2 chapters and truly seeking God as to what He wants me to learn from that section of His Word. I am so excited to see what God is going to teach me this year. 

#2 is a goal which has been ongoing my whole life, but this is the year that I will reach it {no doubt about it}. to finally reach my healthy weight and maintain the healthy lifestyle that God challenged me to begin in 2012. A side goal to this is for me to stop using the scale as my measurement but instead how God measures my success. I am only halfway to my {desired} weight goal, so I want God to transform my mind to see myself as He sees me. This is not going to be easy, but last I checked, nothing that is worth it is ever easy. God will receive the glory every step of the way. 

#3 covers a more general part of my life. I want to stress less. trust more. I want to embrace life just the way it is and find contentment in where God has me. I am beginning to see things in a whole new light, and it is so encouraging to see how God is already changing my heart. More than anything, I want my life to 100% glorify God. Everything I do is for Him. This year will consist of many changes which will push me way out of my comfort zone and into new places to be the light of Christ. So ...

Bring it on, 2013. Let's do this.

Learning to be the Light,