No Words

I have so many things on my heart and in my mind. So many things that I want to share with all of you. Things about my trip around the world. Things about what I learned. Things about life. I want to share what God has taught me. What He is teaching me. I want to share all of these things with you, but I can't. I have no words. none. zilch. zero. My mind seems a little hazy and confusing. I can't formulate any real thoughts other than the following:

I wish I was still in East Asia.
The feeling of being sick all day every day is getting old.
I don't want to get on another plane for at least a year.
I hope my aunt and cousins are truly feeling God's comfort right now during this time of their loss.
I wish I was still in East Asia.
I miss my friends.
I frequently forget which country I am in and almost start speaking a foreign language.
I don't want to be in summer school.
I will graduate in exactly one year.
I have no idea what I am going to do with my life.
I wish I was still in East Asia.
All I want to do is go back home.
I have no motivation to be responsible at the moment.
I hope I can make it through this week in one piece.
I wish I was still in East Asia.

Well, I promise all of my travels and lessons amount to far more than is conveyed in the above thoughts in my head, but it is all I can offer at the moment.

Learning to be the Light,