My Job


By degree, I am a Speech/Language Pathologist, but on a daily basis, I'm just the {speech teacher}. After going to school for as long as I did, it kind of hurts, to be called a teacher, but I am learning to move past that & get over it.

My field of work is one of the most rewarding professions in this world. I love what I do. Strangely the most common question I get about my job is: What exactly do you do?

Well, contrary to what everyone assumes, I do more than fix a lisp here & there. I work with students ranging from 4 years old to 5th grade. Articulation {which is basically just a fancy word for speech sounds} is primarily what I work on in the schools. Depending on their age & severity, I may teach kids how to produce an R, S, SH, T, D, K, G, J, & the list goes on. It can get quite complicated with errors in the initial positions like R in rock or medial positions like R in forest and final positions like R in tiger.

Not only do I work on articulation, but I also work on language skills with kids. For one reason or another, there are some children who having language delays. Whether that is an expressive language delay {expressive=ability to express their thoughts, needs, ideas, wants, etc} or a receptive language delay {receptive=how they process the language their brain is receiving like following directions, etc}.