My Life


What a complex topic this. I don't think I know much about who I am but one thing is for sure. I know whose I am. I am a God-fearing, people-loving, family-protecting, risk-taking twenty something who enjoys crafting, singing, & running.

I find myself to be quite the anomaly. I haven't lived a normal day in my entire life. I'm the daughter of two amazing, Godly parents who raised me to love Jesus more than anything. I'm the little sister to an older brother and sister. They have always kept me in line. I had to learn from somebody's mistakes. They gave me both a sister-in-law & brother-in-law. But really the day I became an aunt changed everything. My nephews bring more joy & delight into our family than anyone ever knew possible.

I'm single; however, this does not define me. It is just a reality of the path God has me on. I am so enjoying living life as a single, because I have been able to follow God with reckless abandon thanks to my singleness. Yep, that's right. I'm thankful for my singleness.

I'm independent to a fault. Not exactly my most admirable quality. It can be quite frustrating to people at times. It also gets me in trouble on occasion. I want to do it my way, & I want to do by myself. I love a challenge and relish the opportunity to prove people wrong. Tell me I can't do something, & I will consequently do everything in my power to do exactly that.

I'm a hot mess in the majority of areas in my life. I pretend to be in control of everything when in reality, I am in control of nothing.  Currently, my weight is most out of control in my life. I refuse to deal with some underlying issues; therefore, I continue to struggle up & down with my weight.

I'm ashamed to say I  have some very unexpected & intense blonde moments. I am not proud of these, & my family enjoys teasing me about them.

I'm a total introvert with some extroverted qualities. Visiting churches in a new city has reminded me just how introverted I truly am. Most people don't believe that I am an introvert, but I have the Hearin Leadership program {from my college days} to thank for that & of course God who is the one who placed that in my life to help me grow out of my super introverted ways. I am happy to say that I am no longer an extreme introvert, but those tendencies still crop up every now & then.

I'm in love with the Most High God. He has carried me through two & a half decades of life. I've been in a personal relationship with Him for just at two decades this year. I praise God for all He has done in those two decades. & Praise Him that He is not done working on me.