The {Blogging Dilemma} of Twenty Fourteen

I want to write, but I don't want to just write. I want to write something God-glorifying, meaningful, & life-changing.  That's asking a lot of a simple, little blog, right? I realize that, but I also recognize that God is bigger & mightier & cooler than most people give Him credit for.

This blog is for Him. & Him only.
"Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."
That's why I started this blog, & that will be the reason I end it. I wait for each & every step that God tells me to take.

God has been teaching me so much lately about life & myself & the world. It all overwhelms me at times. I want so badly to simplify my life down to the very basic necessity: Jesus.

There are things that get in the way. Life. Love. Family. Work. Schedules. Technology. The list goes on & on & on.
I never want to fill this space with empty words. I want God to use these words to speak to hearts just like He has to mine. I pray this post is a catalyst for me seeking God's words not my own.

What will you find here on this {God}-blog, you ask?

Well, probably a little bit of everything with a side of honesty, humility, & truth ... & quite possibly a big ole plate of {real life}.

God has been relentless as always here of late when it comes to my health {aka body/self image/weight}, my day-to-day walk with Him, Scripture memorization, & life lessons.

That's why this is calling {Learning} to be the Light.