The In Between Part 2

Oh the in between times of life. Although the particular in between this post was specifically referring to was back in the summer, life has taken me by surprise and kept me so super crazy busy. So for part 2 of those in between times.

I have a big girl job. get out of town. How on earth did that happen? I left the country {aka insert 6 week trip to Ukraine}back in May with no job offer and no assurance of any job. Heck I actually turned a job down in hopes of the current one I have now and because God told me to {gotta love when God tells me to do something that makes no sense to any one in the entire world ... not even me}.

Big girl job hit me like a ton of bricks. literally felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on me when I was recovering from my tonsil/nasal surgery. So needless to say I was hot mess, but I braved the venture out in the real world to check out my very own SPEECH ROOM. Back up. Did you hear that? I have my own speech room? whoa buddy. That takes a second to sink in. Here's some before photos of my blah room:

I couldn't handle the blah, so I attempted to make it look a little snazzier and more like me. Check it out.

Whooooooo loves good speech???? This speech therapist does. ;)

This girl has her very own speech room. And we are 7 to 8 post school starting yet it still hasn't completely sunk in. This definitely makes me feel grown up. Praise the Lord for the job He has provided, and the sweet, precious kiddos I get to love on each and every day.

If all goes as planned, you have lots of blog posts to look forward to including a series of {why} posts that God has recently laid on my heart. Get ready. I'm back to the blogging world.

Learning to be the Light,