{"You Did For Me"}

A full week has come and gone. Despite my attempts to make the week slow down, the MS team (including my parents) is en route back to Mississippi. There is just something special about serving in a foreign country with your parents, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of the work the team did this week. The MS team consisted of a medical, construction and VBS team who basically loved on people and exalted the mighty God we serve.

Countless people came through the doors of churches {possibly for the first time} and received not only free medical care but also the free gift of salvation. I lost count of the professions of faith made this week, because there were 4 or 5 each day who were turning their lives over to Christ for the first time. What a precious thing to see. The construction team was able to continue the work on a church which was in mere ashes just 3 years ago and see a sanctuary come to completion with a tile floor {and of course other construction type things which are far beyond my expertise and understanding}. The VBS team which only consisted of two of us {Mrs. Susan Marshall and I} was given the opportunity to love on some precious children and see their faces light up at the simplest things such as small crafts or the story of Zaccheus.

There were too many moments and stories during the week to share all of them and not enough time or space to tell them. {Just a brief synopsis} One lady had been praying for a year for us to come to her city. Another lady told us that her only regret in life was that she hadn't been a Christian longer. An older man said through tears and a new pair of glasses what a blessing it was to see the Word of God clearly. The hugs and kisses given to all of us by nothing more than complete strangers but who so deeply appreciated what we were doing, it was their only way to thank us.
One very minuscule moment in the week but so incredibly touching to me was this magnet that I was given by the pastor's nephew at Zmeov {the church where the construction team had helped rebuild}. I was so appreciative of how sweet it was for him to give me this small gift, but it wasn't until later that night that I read the verse he chose to wrote on the back.
Matthew 25:40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'" When I read this verse I was truly touched. I didn't feel that I had done anything out of the ordinary this week other than exactly what God had called me to do, but it meant so much to these people that we would come halfway around the world just for them.

The MS team may be going home, but I am just beginning my journey here. I am beyond excited for what God has in store for the next 5 weeks. Please pray that God would lead both Linda Gray and me to the opportunities He has for me. There are many {great} opportunities that I have my pick of but I want God's best and wherever He can use me most. I want to bring Him glory first and foremost.

Now that the team is gone, it is time to hit the ground running, but today I have spent time just soaking up God's Word and refreshing my spirit with His Truth. What a wonderful feeling it is. My cup overflows.

Learning to be the Light,