Good, Better, or BEST

If you know me, you know I LOVE to read books. If you really know me, you know I usually ONLY read romance fiction books ... given, they almost always have some underlying Christian theme of forgiveness, healing, etc. My love for reading has always been centered around these Christian fiction romance books, and year after year of reading and rereading these fictional fantasies, let's just say that it left me a little delusional. My brain moved to some other planet where it believed that my life would turn out like at least one of them if not all of them. haha! For some reason, I convinced myself that I would find a man just like all of those ridiculously perfect guys in my books. oh the heartache I caused myself by reading those books for so long. I mean let's be honest ... others have not been the only ones feeding me with this "find a husband or die" mentality. I have been choosing to torture myself, but not anymore. Maybe someday I will be able to read those books again in moderation, but for now, I have to stop doing that to myself.

Yesterday, my family and I went shopping here in Pigeon Forge, TN (we are on family vaca, which btw has been SO much fun) at the Tanger outlets, and there in the distance I see a discount Christian bookstore. I beelined for the store, and immediately upon walking in, I saw at least two tables stacked high with what else besides Christian fiction romance books. I walked up and down the length of both tables and soon realized that I just couldn't do it anymore. I picked up one book and it was SO typical ... girl is troubled, boy is the hero, girl meets boy, girl resists, boy saves the day, girl and boy get married and live happily ever after ... go figure! haha! I slightly giggled at myself (out loud might I add) and slowly but surely returned the book back to the table. I surveyed the store and saw a table for Christian living, so I decided to check it out. Of course God knows everything, but kill me, I'm human ... so it always surprises me when God brings me to a moment that I know it is exactly God's plan. I'm sure He just looks down on me and shakes His head sometimes. haha! The very first book I saw was "Every Thought Captive" by Jerusha Clark. It seems like I have heard of it before somewhere, but the first thing that hit me was ... this is exactly what I need.

My thoughts are what always bring me down. There are times when I wish I could just shut my brain OFF, but as we all very well know, we just can't do that. Anyway, I'm just starting to read that, so I'll let yall know how it goes. Also, on another note, I've also been reading some other books that are really challenging me to grow closer to God and as a result living a life more sold out for Christ.

Okay, well, another point I wanted to make is that there are so many "GOOD" things in life even "BETTER" things such as Christian fiction romance books which can distract us from God's "BEST." I don't want to get distracted by those things when I could be experiencing the best God has for us. Sometimes it may even be that marriage is only a good thing in God's plan for my life while singleness is God's BEST for my life. Who knows? I don't, but God does. That is enough for me.

Learning to love,

p.s. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog entry on the perks of being the only single person on your family vacation, and I am not being sarcastic at all. This is so legit! :)