Seize the Day

Do you ever lie in bed at night and just think about God and what He is thinking? Well, I do. Lately, I have been thinking about what He would say to me if I was sitting at His feet chatting with Him. I truly believe He would say,
"Jenna, why won't you just trust me? Don't you know that I have good plans for you, to prosper you not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future? If you will just trust me with your heart, you will never be disappointed or alone. If you will let go and let me fulfill your heart's every desire, there is no need to want for anything else. You are my daughter, my princess, my beloved, and I will hold you in my arms. Don't miss out on my plan for you in the here and now by dwelling on the there and then."
And at this point, He would start singing "This is the Day" in Chinese just to make me smile, because it makes me tear up just typing that, much less hearing Him say it. "This is the day that I have made, Jenna, so rejoice and be glad in it."

"Singleness is an enviable conidtion. An unmarried woman has something that a married woman gives up on her wedding day: extra time with Jesus. Too many young women waste valuable years as they wait for life to begin -- after marriage. They rarely realize the priceless free time they waste, until it is gone."

"Rather than wasting precious moments fantasizing about an earthly lover, take advantage of your free hours each day to serve the Lord of Heaven ... Your single state may not be permanent, but it definitely is not to be a comatose state until Prince Charming arrives and whisks you off to his castle. Single women are not "Sleeping Beauties" waiting for their prince to fight his way through the thorns and past the wicked witch to finally kiss them awake. That is an illusion often used by the enemy to defraud women."

"Is there an opportunity of service that you have avoided because you can't give up your "post on the castle wall" looking for your knight in shining armor?"

I don't know how or where, but I am determined to get more involved in the Lord's work. I get so caught up in my so-called "busy" life that I forget to truly look for opportunities to serve others. I want to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading in my life, and be ready at a moment's notice to jump on board with whatever He has planned.
I'm really at a loss for words tonight, so I'm taking that as God's sign for me to just shut up and stop talking. So let me end with this verse:

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Col. 3:23

Learning to love,