A New Journey

My life has been so extremely crazy since I returned home almost 6 months ago. I started my senior year of college, conquered the GRE (graduate record examination), started applying to graduate school, led the statewide BSU College Student Conference, applied for summer missions AGAIN, found a church "home," got a 4.0 for the semester, and welcomed my beautiful nephew, Gage William, into the world.

Like I said, I have applied for summer missions again this year, but this is going to be a very different experience on so many levels. First of all, as of the first week of January, I have absolutely NO IDEA where I will be going. My extreme planner personality is quite concerned about this, but I know that God is going to send me exactly where I am supposed to be. I could end up in either East or South Asia. This experience is the polar opposite to last year's. My trip to Ukraine was planned pretty perfectly, but if you kept up with me this past summer, you know that all well-laid out plans are great until God reminds us that His plans are much different. This time around I am going into this whole experience with nothing but trust in a great God.

I don't even know if anybody is still checking/reading my blog, but for anyone who stumbles upon my post, I ask that you pray for the hearts of all the lost people in my life at the W and the people I will meet on my future adventures to more foreign countries. I feel such an urgency to share the love and salvation of our God with every student on my campus before I graduate this May.
I am going to be facing many BIG changes as I graduate from college, and although I know God has it all in his hands, I am scared of the unknown. I am reminded of the quote I chose to represent me in my high school yearbook beside my senior picture ... "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." I have to remind myself of this very often.

I am about to embark on one of the great adventures of my life in 2011 as I strive to impact my campus for Christ, leave for another summer in an unknown foreign country, and begin a new chapter of my life of graduate school in an unkown location. So many unkowns which are all in God's perfect plans.

I sincerely hope to post more often throughout this semester as God's plan for my life in 2011 unfolds. Stay tuned ... You will not want to miss the AMAZING things God is about to do. I know I don't!

Until the whole world hears,