I am a Wii Success Story

If you know me, you will not believe what I am about to tell you, but I can assure you this is the absolute truth. I CAN PLAY BASEBALL! I have been baseball / softball - challenged my entire life! I tried to play for one summer in 7th or 8th grade, but I was so horrendously terrible that my mom let me quit which is a very rare occurrence in our family. We are only allowed to quit if we are truly and wholly untalented in something which should say a lot about my mom letting me quit. Well, I am here to say that due to my practice on Wii baseball I have become much better at this sport! I can actually hit the ball with the bat and make it to base. Given I cannot hit a homerun, but I completely blew my own mind! I had told everybody how terrible I am at baseball, and all of my new friends thought that I had lied. Eventually I was able to convince them that I had not lied but truly improved my skills! I was even able to score for my team a few times!

The biggest shocker of all is this .... When we picked teams for our second game, I was the FIRST player picked! I almost passed out! Never in my entire life have I been picked first to be on somebody's team! It was the greatest thing ever! haha!

I have had a wonderful 4th of July Weekend, and unfortunately this week will be my last week of ministry here in Kharkov. It is really starting to hit me that I will be saying goodbye to all of my new friends in just one short week. Please pray for our last 3 ESL classes for the Chinese. Please pray that we will have more students this week, and I ask that you also pray for Wendy ... that God will give her wisdom regarding whether or not to continue this class after I leave.

I ask that you also pray for my new Chinese friend, Joy. She is not a Christian, and I am really hoping that I will have time to meet with her outside of class to hopefully share the love of Christ with her! She is such a precious girl, but I can tell that she is really searching for something more! I pray that God will use me to plant a seed in Joy's life this week along with anyone else I come into contact with!

Until the whole world hears,