Salvation Is Here!

How do you write a blog entry when words cannot be found?

My job this week is to be a floater. A floater can take on any role in the clinic or improvise as the need arises. My newest role gave me a story that I will share for the rest of my life. The clinic was running smoothly with numerous patients, but we were concerned the people would dwindle soon. For this reason, Keith Heartsil(the team leader for the Mississippi Team), Alex (a translator), and I headed out to the streets surrounding Rogan(a village) to try and gather more people to come to the clinic. We did not make it far before we came upon three older ladies sitting on a bench outside their homes. We approached the ladies in order to invite them to the clinic, but only one of the women even seemed slightly interested in what we were offering. Halfway through our conversation, Vera(pictured above) asked another lady if she would help her get to clinic. Our immediate response was to offer our assistance as well. We soon found out that Vera's right arm and leg were paralyzed leaving her with very limited mobility of her body. Before I knew it I was running down the road back to the church to find a wheelchair to get Vera to the clinic. Alex, Keith, and I got her situated on the "armless" wheelchair and took off on our perilous journey down the bumpy country road. Although Vera was having to death grip the wheelchair with no arm or foot rests, we got her safely to the church doors. Each clinic station met Vera at the door, and so did God. In front of God's house, Keith was able to share the gospel with her, and with tears streaming down her face, Vera prayed to receive Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.

If you had seen her face before she came to know the Lord and gained the assurance of Heaven, you would have seen a face full of disappointment, hurt, and sadness. Salvation is here. You can see it in Vera's face. I love watching God work in lives and use ordinary people like us to change the world.