I pride myself on having control of everything in my life. Whether it is true or not, I liked to think I am in control, but we all know, as humans, this is not the case. I know God has control of everything, yet time and time again I try to take everything on myself. Well, this summer is all about being aware of what God is trying to teach me, and boy, did He get his point across this morning.

Jet lag is something that I have experienced on a few occasions but not very often. After I returned from my first trip to China, I couldn't sleep at night, but I was back to normal sleeping patterns after a very short time. Well, this time I have experienced quite the opposite. This morning my internal alarm clock woke me up at 3:30, and let's just say I was wide awake. I attempted to fall back asleep for almost thirty minutes before I realized this was a hopeless cause. Keep in mind, the sun has not even risen at this point, so what do you do when you wake up before practically the entire country? Well, I got to spend some time just talking to God and proceeded to read almost an entire book. If you know me well, you know that I am NOT a morning person, but it was kind of nice to just spend time relaxing even if it was 3:30 in the morning.

I have no control over jet lag same as I don't really have control over my life. I like to play tug-of-war with God over control, but ultimately, my life is in His hands. That is how I want it to be! I am praying that God will continue to teach me many things each day, and you better believe I am enjoying this time to actively search out daily lessons God has for me! What a blessing!!

Until the whole world hears,